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Career Countdown: Veterinarian
By MKOC Staff

Do you love animals? Are you a hard-worker? Can you handle academic stress? If you answered yes to all three of those questions, then you may want to consider a career in veterinary medicine. As a veterinarian, you can seek career opportunities in zoos, aquariums, ranches, and even in research laboratories. Veterinary medicine is a broad field and is much more than caring for and treating household pets. But if you love dealing with pets, working with them exclusively is most certainly something you can pursue.

In addition to caring for animals, you'll be performing surgeries and evaluating how best to treat a patient that cannot speak for itself. Being a veterinarian is very similar to being a pediatrician. You're a doctor and an evaluator. If you can handle a real challenge and absolutely adore animals, then studying to become a veterinarian may be just the endeavor for you!

What Are the Benefits?

Although some of us may think of veterinarians as just taking care of our pets when they're sick, veterinary medicine has also contributed greatly to the medical field. Veterinarians are responsible for identifying Salmonella and understanding Botulism. Developments in veterinary medicine have even paved the road for the use of hip and organ transplants in humans. As a result, the medical and research opportunities in the field of veterinary medicine are far and wide. From working with small household pets, exotic zoo animals, or as a food safety inspector- the career possibilities are endless.

And of course there's the animal interaction. Many students interested in becoming a veterinarian love the fact they'll be spending the majority of their day with animals. If you're an excellent communicator and love to interact with people as well, you will find great satisfaction as a veterinarian. Since a large percentage of veterinarians work for or own their own private practice, they'll not only work with animals on a daily basis, but with their owners as well.

Veterinary medicine is also exploding with opportunities. The demand for veterinarians is growing and many more are needed. As a result of the demand, many veterinarians are discovering that pet owners are willing to pay more for their services. Therefore, there is a great deal of job security in this field.

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