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How to Deposit a Check Like a Pro!
By MKOC Staff

How to fill out the back of a check:

Flip the check over. Look at the picture below. If you plan to only deposit your check and nothing else, write "FOR DEPOSIT ONLY" on the first line of the back of the check. This protects you. It prevents anyone else from taking your check and cashing it. Next, write the account number below the signature line. Finally, while you are in front of the bank teller, sign your check. Never sign a check unless you are in front of the teller. This protects YOU! If your check should become stolen, the thief cannot legally cash it.

Your Bank Receipt:

After you complete your deposit, the bank teller will either write down the total balance in your account into your bank book or they will give you a receipt.

If your bank gives you a receipt it should look something like this:

When you get your receipt, verify that the account number is correct. Make sure that the amount you deposited and/or received as cash back is correct. Your current account total may or may not be shown on the receipt. If it is not and you would like to see your account balance, be sure to have proper ID with you so that the teller can confirm your identity.

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