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New Kid On Campus?
Words on Fitting In.
By Delilah

In the teen favorite, Mean Girls, Lindsay Lohan stars as the new girl Kady Heron. She’s a total fish out of water doing her best to navigate the treacherous high school waters. Manipulated into joining the popular group and then later falling flat on her face, Kady represents exactly why we’re filled with so much trepidation when it comes to being the new student. Granted, Mean Girls was just a movie. But so many of us can relate to its central message: It’s TOUGH Fitting In! Luckily, fitting in on the college campus is no where near as scary or stressful as it is in high school.

How would I know? Because, I’ve been through it. I went to a University that had approximately 30,000 students and I didn’t know anyone as a freshman! No one. And you know what, no one else did either. All of the freshman in my dorm were from all across the country and about 99% of them didn’t even know their roommate.

Feeling relieved? Just so you know, your freshman year of college is the easiest year to make friends and meet people. It’s also when students are the friendliest to one another. Everyone is in the same boat and no one wants to be alone, so most students make the effort to meet each other.

Making friends is as easy as extending your hand. Say hi to people in your dorm. If you see someone with their door open. Knock and say hello. Trust me, they’ll say hi back.

During freshman year, there are tons of freshman mixers that help students meet one another. Go to them! You’re RA(Resident Advisor) will help too. An RA is assigned to every dormitory hall and they’re in charge of the floor. They’re there to give advice, resolve conflict, and just be your friend. Your RA will be your go-to person to find out when and where all of the social mixers will be happening!

Don’t be afraid to connect with your roommate. They’re scared too. Some of my really good friends we’re roommates or suitemates. The great part about having a roommate in college, is that you’ll have someone to bond with before school starts. But be sure to branch out beyond your room and meet the other people living in your hallway.

The scariest part about fitting in is not knowing anyone. But don’t let that stop you from meeting people. Everyone is scared. And that’s normal. Take the leap and be the first to introduce yourself. And soon enough, you’ll have more friends than you’ll know what to do with!

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