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The College Student's Guide to Fridge Essential's!
By Tyna

"I'll have a double cheeseburger and a large fries please!" "Alright, that'll be $5.50." In college, we seem to have conversations like that all the time. But fast food adds up and what may seem like a cheap meal can end up costing us several hundred dollars each month. How? Lets do the math:

If you go out to eat for each meal, then you're spending about $300 bucks a month! The amounts are only estimates; depending on what you choose to eat you could be paying more or less than what is shown. The estimate only includes the basics and doesn't even take into account trips to the vending machine, late-night coffee runs, or mid-afternoon snacks. Also, you can expect to spend close to $400.00 or more if you decide to go out and eat in a sit down restaurant several times a week.

What you see is an extremely conservative amount! If you don't go home on the weekends, you're probably spending more to feed yourself during the weekend. And if you buy all of your food on campus, you're spending even more money on food! When I was in school I remember paying $3 bucks for a bottle of water that would have cost $1.25 at a grocery store!

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