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The College Student's Guide to Fridge Essential's!
By Tyna

Did you know that you could buy food like corn dogs, burritos, and pizza from the grocery store that tastes great and at a fraction of the cost of take-out? For a budget of about $100 a month, you can buy enough food to satisfy your hunger and your wallet. How? Take a look below:

The Fridge Essentials:

With less than $100 you are able to buy enough food to last you a month! And with all the money you save, you can afford to buy extras like ice cream, potato chips, or even go out for dinner!

Even though it may be slightly repetitive to eat frozen pizza every Monday, you can always mix it up and choose different frozen foods or pre-made meals from the grocery store instead of the ones listed above. Your local market has a wide selection of frozen and pre-made meals so no matter the type of food you love to eat, you're bound to find it at your favorite supermarket!

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