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How Can I Prepare for Life After
By Quinn

The purpose of this article is to act as a quick reference guide of the things you should consider before graduating. If you're a senior in college or just interested in preparing yourself for life after college, then you're at the right place. We're not here to discuss every little thing you need to take care of or be aware of after college - there's just so much - but we did take the time to go over the big stuff.

Priority #1: Get a Job

Right now the economy is hurting. And as a college student, you may be feeling like your job prospects are at an all time low. But there is hope. To secure a job now, go to as many career events, job fairs, and orientations as possible - especially if your college is hosting them on campus. Search online for job positions and apply for as many jobs as possible. If that means applying for a position as a receptionist, then do it. You need all the opportunities that you can find. And ask if your college is hiring. Schools usually give their graduates priority over outsiders.

Sign up for sites like LinkedIn and Twitter to network online with professionals. It really is true that it's not what you know, but who you know and social networking sites giive you that ability. Right now, your priority is to get your face and name out there and the more people that become aware of you - either through social media or through recruiters - the more likely that you're resume will reach the right hands. Always have your game face on and most importantly, believe in yourself!

If you currently have an internship, ask your boss if they're hiring. Indicate that you would like the position and show them through your work ethic that you're indespensible! The days of slaking off at work are over. To secure a job in this economy, everyone has to be at their best!

Priority #2: Find A Place to Live

With money tight and little options before you, you may find that the best place for you to live is back at home. It's actually becoming the norm due to the current economy. There are a number of benefits to living at home. You save money. You have the comforts home. And with everything as stressful as it is now, it's good to be near the people that love and care for you the most.

Apartments are another option. Rent has dropped in many areas, and you could look at spending $300-$800 a month on rent depending upon the location and the number of roommates that you have.

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