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How Can I Prepare for Life After
By Quinn

Priority #3: Build Savings!

If you have the time to get a student worker position or a part-time job while in college, then do so. Now is the best time to build savings. As a college student you don't have any serious expenses, so you have the the rare opportunity to place all or most of your earnings into savings.

By saving as much money as possible now, while in college, you can be assured that you wont have to worry too much about financing an apartment or anything else you may need post-graduation.

Once you start working on a full-time basis, try to place 15% of your earnings into savings. I know this may sound like a lot now, but it's important to save as much as you can. One day you may want to purchase a home or a new car. By saving your money, you'll have the ability to purchase those things. So please, don't be like everyone else and spend your money frivolously. Save save save. You can't afford not to!

Priority #4: Get Health Insurance

With the recent passing of Health Care Reform, you can now stay on your parents' health insurance until you are 26. This is good news for college students across the country. So many young adults are currently going without healthcare because its expensive or their job doesn't offer it. Fortunately, this is one less thing that recent grads have to worry about.

The transition from college into the real world isn't that difficult, if you learn to plan ahead. Remember to budget your money and try to save a portion of your income for your future (so you can one day buy your first home). Don't buy on impulse and keep your head on your shoulders. I know it may seem like a lot to remember, but in the end you'll be thanking yourself.

And one more thing, don't let the current state of the economy discourage you from persuing your dreams. This is just one setback. It will get better.

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