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Intern Helpline: How to Shine as
an Intern!
By MKOC Staff

Try to think of an internship as a really long and intense job interview. I know that sounds really scary and incredibly stressful, but in a way, that's what an internship is. The purpose of an internship is to get your foot in the door and IMPRESS. Make a good impression and who knows where it could take you. Although not every internship leads to a job offer, if you can prove to your boss and co-workers that you're the best intern they've ever met - don't worry, someone will be begging to hire you!

Tip #1: Dress Appropriately

In order to be seen as professional, you need to first look like one. Sloppy clothes should be avoided at all costs. Wake up a few minutes early in the morning and take the time to iron your clothes. Try to stay away from jeans, shorts, or anything you might wear to the beach. You don't have to come into work wearing a business suit everyday, but you should come to work clean and with your clothes properly buttoned and tucked in neatly.

Depending upon the season, you may want to wear a more comfortable wardrobe. Use the images below as a guide for what to wear, but use your own best judgment when shopping for work clothes. If you're still unsure, ask your co-workers and take notes on what they wear on a daily basis!

Tip #2: Greet Everyone with Your Name and a Smile!

It sounds so simple, but it is incredibly effective. Very few people these days take the time to introduce themselves to people that they meet. As an intern, you represent your company. As a result, it's best to appear as friendly and cordial as possible. When a client comes into the office, extend your hand and introduce yourself. Say your first and last name and greet the person with a nice smile. You'll make their day and will make a new contact!

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