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Intern Helpline: How to Shine as an Intern!
By MKOC Staff

Tip #3: Look For Work, Don't Let it Find You.

Bosses HATE it when they have to constantly tell interns what to do. Impress your boss and co-workers by taking the initiative to get work done on your own. Ask around and see if anyone needs help. If no one needs help, check to see if your office is running low on any supplies. If it's almost lunch time ask your boss if he/she would like you to pick up lunch for them. Be as courteous and helpful as possible. You will get noticed and your boss will remember your actions. By taking the initiative to get things done before anyone asks you, you'll be showing everyone around you that you are a responsible and dedicated worker.

Tip #4: Take Notes!

Your boss will be so impressed when he/she sees you taking notes during meetings and when they delegate tasks. No one expects you to remember everything that is going on in the office, so it really speaks volumes when you take notes. It shows that you want to get things done right the first time and that you truly value what is going on in the office on a daily basis.

Tip #5: Network, Network, Network!

Networking as an intern means much more than just introducing yourself to the other interns there. Strike up conversations with your boss, co-workers, and even clients. Always be professional and keep your conversations professional. That means no talking about religion, politics, or late-night partying. The more professionals that you meet, the more likely that you'll meet someone who may want to hire you once your internship is complete.

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