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6 Steps to Clean Laundry
By Elyse

Step 4: Deposit quarters into the machine or swipe your laundry card or University ID card

Sorry, use of your school's washing machines and dryers is not free. Expect to pay around $1.25 to use a washing machine and $.50 for the dryer.

Step 5: Wait

It will take between 30-50 minutes for the washing machine to complete it's cycle. Don't wander too far from the laundry room though, once your washing machine is done other students will take your laundry out and move it!! Bring your homework with you to the laundry room and guard your laundry.

Step 6: Put the wet clothes in the dryer

You can put all of your wet clothes into one dryer, if they can fit. Otherwise you may need to use two dryers. It will take between 45-60 minutes for your laundry to get dry. If there is a lint trap, check it and remove any excess lint found. Put 1 or 2 dryer sheets into the dryer. Again, it's best to stay in the laundry room and wait till your clothes are finished drying. Other students may come in and remove your laundry and stick their's in the dryer instead.


If you use your school ID to pay for machine use (some school's use cards instead of coins) make sure you have enough money on your card. You can usually check online via your school's website.

If you don't want to wait for a washing machine or dryer, do your laundry on an off day. Do it during school-wide events such as a football game or during the school week (in the morning or the afternoon). Do not do your laundry on a Sunday evening; everyone will be in the laundry room trying to get their laundry done too!

Guard your laundry! I cannot emphasize this enough. I have had my laundry removed from the dryer before by other students too impatient to wait their turn and it's really really annoying! So bring homework, an mp3 player, etc. to keep you occupied while in the laundry room.

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