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Jump Ahead of the Pack with Early Career Planning
By Scarlett

Step 6: Do I Have What it Takes to Accomplish My Career Goal?

Only you know the honest answer to this question. If you think Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, or even Will Smith became the wealthy men they are today by just going through the motions, then you're dead wrong. If you really want to pursue a specific career and you know that the career is demanding - like in law or medicine - and you don't want to go to graduate school, then DO NOT pursue that career!

Sure, prestige and money are awesome things to aspire for, but when you can't or are unwilling to push yourself to obtain it, then your career goals become nothing more than career fantasy.

Step 7: Strive for Excellence!

Become your own cheerleader! Tell yourself that you CAN do it! It's a little weird to think of it this way, but preparing for a career is like preparing for a test. The harder you work at it, the better you'll do. And in some respects, I guess life is a test. We test ourselves day in and day out by the choices we make in life. And remember, nothing in this world worth having comes easy. It's takes good old fashioned hardwork and a heavy helping of perseverance! That's not just the secret to sucess in a career, but to success in life as well.

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