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Quiz! - What's YOUR College Personality?
By MKOC Staff

Just for Fun! Find out which College Personality you have! ☺

1. It’s the first day of classes. What do you wear?

The latest fashion - with heels!
A sweatshirt and jeans with the College’s logo.
Something cute, but casual.
Work out attire.

2. You get to choose one elective for the semester. Which class do you pick?

Tennis. I LOVE sports!
Creative Writing. I have to express myself through writing!
Advanced Biochemistry. I love science!
Sculpture. I must nurture the artist within!

3. You know no one on campus. Where do you go to meet new people?

Lecture. It’s where I go to learn and mingle!
In a Sorority or Fraternity!
The dorms. If someone has their door open, I’m saying HELLO!
I only hang out with my friends from high school.

4. You have an upcoming exam. How do you prepare for it?

With my study group.
I’ll review all of my notes and start studying 2 weeks in advance.
At the library with everyone else.
It’s just an exam. Why study?

5. What’s your ideal number of classmates?

A huge lecture hall! The more the merrier!
I prefer a small class room. Like less than 15.
I’m flexible. It doesn’t matter to me.
Classmates? I’ll take an online class, thank you.

6. Where is your ideal college located?

Within 50 miles of home.
Far, far away from home.
Wherever my high school friends are.
Near my family.

7. What’s your ideal campus job?

Professor’s Assistant.
In the bookstore.
In the Health Center.
Job? That’s for grown ups!

8. What do you value most about a college education?

Getting a degree from a prestigious university.
Having the opportunity to learn new things about the world around me.
Expanding my understanding of the subjects I loved in high school.
It’s the next step in my education.

9. Who’s your ideal classmate?

Someone on an athletic team.
Someone I can have a meaningful discussion with.
All classmates are great.
Someone quiet and who doesn’t ask very many questions.

10. Where in the country is your ideal college located?

On the West Coast.
On the East Coast
In the MidWest.
In the South.

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