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Quiz! - What's YOUR
Roommate Personality?
By MKOC Staff

Just for Fun! Find out which Roommate Personality you have! ☺

1. It’s 1 week before move-in day, what do you
have packed?

The bare essentials - clothes, money for books, laptop, and ipod.
Everything I own!!! Make-up, clothes, shoes, computer, purses… like I said, EVERYTHING!
Hmm… things to wear, things to cook with, things to study with, things to decorate a room with, and things to keep me busy.
Pack? Why?

2. How would you describe the current state of your room?

It’s clean, spotless, and beautiful - just like a museum.
Your typical room - some clutter here, a little mess over there, but I know where everything is.
A work in progress.

3. What time do you usually go to bed during the school week?

10:00 pm
11:30 pm
Whenever I get back from partying!

4. Which word best describes your personality?

Neat Freak.
Casual Chic.

5. When you have a major fight with a friend, how do you usually respond?

I’m always right and I make it known.
I just walk away.
I try to handle the problem responsibly and find an answer that helps both of us.
I don’t have friends.

6. How do you envision your college dorm room?

Matching comforters for me and my roommate. Matching Everything!
I don’t really care about decorating my dorm room.
I’ll decorate my side of the room and my roommate will decorate theirs.
I want the entire room to reflect my personality!

7. How often do you have friends over to your house?

Once a month.
Once a week.
Rarely. I go to their house.

8. Are you in a serious relationship with someone or plan on dating while at college?

Maybe So.

9. Where do you currently spend most of your free time?

At home.
At the library.
At the movies.
At a friend’s house.

10. If you could pick a motto, what would it be?

Live in the moment!
Patience is a virtue.
Work hard. Party harder!
Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.

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