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Stop Procrastinating! Here's how.
By MKOC Team

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It's late at night and instead of being fast asleep in a warm cozy bed you're awake... and not because you want to. Nope, you've got a 12 page paper due in the morning, and you waited till the very last moment to get started. AGAIN!

You've got to stop the procrastinating, but you can't seem to figure out how. Isn't there anything you can do to stop this from happening again?

Step 1: Create Goals For Yourself

So right now, take out a piece of paper. Write down at least three goals that you want to accomplish by the end of the semester. Read them out loud. Tell yourself that you're going to accomplish them. Tape that list to your bulletin board, your binder, or your computer. Look at your list of goals everyday. Push yourself to get them accomplished!

But remember, write down goals that are reasonable!!! If last semester you got mostly C's, try to now get mostly B's. If you rarely participated in class in the past, try to participate at least once a week. Create goals that you know you can work at to achieve, if you don't, you'll feel so overwhelmed that you wont even try to turn your goals into accomplishments.

Step 2: Maintain A Study Schedule

The sooner you create a study schedule and stick to it, the sooner you'll be free from the consequences of procrastinating! Lets say you decided to create a study schedule for an exam that you have three weeks from now. How should study for it? Well, how about slowly?

If you know that you have 3 weeks to study for an exam, you have a total of 21 days to prep for it. If you study everyday, I guarantee that you will feel more prepared for it than if you crammed the night before.

Since you are studying everyday for 21 days, you can afford to spend a day or two studying for just 15 minutes. The point is to gradually increase the time you spend studying. If you look at the study calendar above you'll notice that week 1 begins with two 15 minutes study days and gradually the amount of time spent studying increases.

You don't have to spend your entire college career studying, you just have to be consistent. Don't study for longer than 3 hours at a time. Anything longer than that and you'll just wear yourself out.

Study at the same time and place everyday and turn it into a routine. By staying consistent with your study schedule, studying for class will be as normal to you as breathing.

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