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Stop Procrastinating! Here's how.
By MKOC Team

Step 3: Isolate Yourself From Distractions

If you know that you can't go online without playing Tetris, then keep your laptop off while studying. If friends are a distraction, study in a quiet place away from them. In most dorms and university housing there are study rooms available where you can study in a quiet unobtrusive environment away from everyone else... or you could just head off to the library. Regardless, you know what distracts you. So when it's study time, you've got to get away from anybody and anything that could possibly deter you from achieving your goals.

We also offer one word of advice: I know you're young and you want to have as much fun as humanly possible while in college, but everything has a consequence. When faced with the decision between partying or studying for your physics midterm, think long and hard and ask yourself which do you want more? Is partying that much more important than doing well in school? Remember, you can always party when you have the free time, but you will only have one opportunity to take that major exam!

Step 4: Break It Up!

Trying to write a college paper can be a real pain in the butt. Trying to write a 12 page paper the night before it's due can be a total nightmare. Writing 12 pages can seem like a daunting task, in fact it can seem like trying to sky dive without a parachute! But what if you broke that huge assignment into tiny pieces? What if instead of writing 12 pages all at once you only wrote 1 or 2? If you know you have a 12 page paper due in 2 weeks, you could write one page everyday. If you do that, you'll feel less overwhelmed and much more relaxed.

So remember boys and girls: Professors tend to give you assignments weeks before they're due. Therefore, the best way to tackle a paper, a project, or a presentation is to break it up into smaller pieces and do a little bit each day until the day it's due. I guarantee that if you do this, the quality of your work will be significantly better than if you waited until the night before to do the whole thing at once!

Step 5: Reward Yourself! :)

After each study session give yourself a reward. If you just finished studying for an hour and a half, reward yourself by watching some tv or playing a video game. Always give yourself an incentive to get the job done. Most of us need motivation to study, and if we reward ourselves for completing a study session, then the more likely we are to study.

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